What content can I change on my PropertyPal Website?

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PropertyPal offer different template and bespoke website options, and this will decide what can be amended on your website.

All changes that you can make to your website are made through the CMS (your ‘estate agents login’ on PropertyPal). These are the following sections that you can update (if applicable to your site):

  • Testimonials
  • News/Blog Articles
  • Featured/Superfeature Properties
  • Featured/Superfeature Developments
  • Bespoke features (careers section controlled through your blog etc.)

Any areas of the site not listed above, would need to be amended by one of our designers. This includes things such as text within a service page, images on ‘meet the team’ section, among others. 

The best way to enquire about amendments is to  submit a form below and your message will be passed on to the relevant department.

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Last modified: 08/12/2021