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Local Property Review: Ards & North Down

Ards & North Down

Overview of Ards and North Down’s housing market performance

The property market continues to recover in both prices and the number of homes being sold. House prices have grown for 6 consecutive years with typical homes in Ards & North Down (A&ND) experiencing similar rates of growth in prices compared to the wider N.Ireland economy. 

During the period 2013-2016 house prices in A&ND appreciated by 5.5% each year on average, reflecting the return of confidence in the housing market following a long period of price contraction in the aftermath of the credit crisis in 2007-08. 

Over the last few years house prices have moderated to a more sustainable 3.6% annual growth and closer aligned to wages which has helped support affordability in the area. 

To date, the median house price in A&ND stands at approximately £145,000, the 2nd most expensive council area across all of N.Ireland. Despite recent appreciation, house prices remain 29% below peak levels in 2007 when typical prices were over £203,000.

In total, house prices in A&ND have increased in value by over £30,000 since low points in 2013, equivalent to 26% cumulative growth. 

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Last modified: 10/08/2021