Buying a home will undoubtedly be the biggest and most important purchase of your life. It’s exciting – yes, but equally overwhelming and at times even frustrating. 

Every single decision feels like it’s make or break. You’ll think you’ve found the one, only to find hurdles, stumbling blocks and hit brick walls that put you back at square one.

Luckily, though, the PropertyPal Mortgages team have all been through the process and have successfully guided thousands of our clients through it too. So, we’ve gathered all of our experience and expertise and bundled it up neatly into this guide to simplify the journey for you.

Click onto PropertyPal

When it comes to homemoving, PropertyPal is your No.1 destination, as it lists all the homes for sale from estate agents in Northern Ireland. So download the app and bookmark the website. 

We recommend setting up an account, as you can favourite properties and share them with ‘pals’ which makes things easier to keep track of, if you’re buying with someone else.


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Last modified: 11/08/2021